IntegraLynx can be deployed flexibly with three key components.

  • Enterprise-class Data Management
  • Automated Financial Administration Components
  • Regulatory & Financial Reporting

"IntegraLynx is a purpose-built platform to solve complex administration functions across the funds and insurance industry."

Access data from any format.
IntegraLynx has specialist functions to read data from structured and unstructured formats.

Transform your data with functionally rich software.
IntegraLynx's drag and drop interface allows users build their data transformation rules easily.

Automate your data processing with IntegraLynx.
Gather and distribute data with our file watcher, schedulers and trigger based technology.

Audit your data processing.
Each step of your data's journey is tracked and recorded. Maintain your data's lineage to assist with GDPR compliance.

Integrate with any database.
IntegraLynx can interact with SQL and Oracle relational databases, Big Data solutions, and distributed ledger technology.

Automate your most complex administrative processes.
Have a look at some of the use cases for IntegraLynx in our solutions section.

Solve your company's entity management problems.
Manage initial fund / asset onboarding, fund administration, and systematic interaction with policy, treasury, and accounting systems.

Straight-through processing (STP) is at the heart of any solution provided by IntegraLynx.
Reduce manual involvement in the process to reduce resource requirements and errors.

Control your processes with IntegraLynx's built-in tracking functionality.
Run processes how and when you need.

Configure IntegraLynx using our user-intuitive logic building platform.
IntegraLynx can match the complexity of any financial product.

View your data in our extensive reporting suite.
We have tailored our solution to display the data you need.

Create your own format rich reporting.
IntegraLynx can build your full policyholder documentation suite as part of the automated process.

Comply with regulations using IntegraLynx's pre-configured functionality.
See our PRIIPs solution as a clear example of IntegraLynx's power.

Monitor your processes with IntegraLynx's in-built audit reporting.
Facilitate your system dashboards and find out how your efficiently your functions are operating.