Administration & Accounting

Administration areas common to both our Insurance and Investment Fund clients are the Investment Administration and Investment Accounting functions. In large organisations these functions are managed by separate teams, and in some smaller companies a single unit overseas both functions.

Be it one team or two, IntegraLynx provides a single platform to manage both of these aspects of Investment Management. Our platform manages data collection, performing financial calculations, creating accounting records, and data dissemination to onward systems. The user-intuitive interfaces empowers business users to automate their daily, monthly, and year-end processes.

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IntegraLynx processes include:

  • Collection of data from internal and external datasources
  • Validation and enhancement of data.
  • Creation of and recording of financial transactions.
  • Creation of and recording of accounting records.
  • Fund/asset valuations.
  • Management of entities (e.g companies, funds, assets, etc)
  • Creation of reports and system extracts

IntegraLynx has a built-in workflow manager to automate data collection and follow-on processing. A simple drag-and-drop interface allows business users to import data from any file format (including .pdf). Likewise, users can easily create steps to enhance data, and create bespoke extracts for onward systems.


Having imported and validated data IntegraLynx performs a multitude of calculations:

  • Determination of cash positions
  • Valuation of asset holdings (nominal x price)
  • Charge accruals
  • Tax accruals
  • Income accruals (e.g for bond coupons)
  • Expense accruals (e.g for bond premium amortisation)
  • Margin payments for derivatives

Business super-users can create and manage custom calculation formulae in a controlled and audited fashion. This allows IntegraLynx to react to individual nuances in different companies and sectors of the financial services industry.


IntegraLynx has a customisable Chart of Accounts and Transaction Mapping Logic which allows business users to define bespoke accounting rules. This powerful tool will convert a single financial transaction into multiple related accounting records tagged to your company specific account codes.

Accounting records are produced and stored and the lowest level of granularity. Users can easily create bespoke reports to view data at a macro/grouped chart-of-account-level, and then drilldown into underlying records. Likewise custom extracts for onward systems (e.g SAP) can be created and scheduled to run at defined times or on certain events.


IntegraLynx can read from and write to a large array of any datasources/formats:

  • .txt
  • .csv
  • .xlsx
  • .pdf
  • API
  • JSON

The IntegraLynx drag-and-drop interface allows business users to easily manage their bespoke imports and exports as they change over time. Straight Through Processing (STP) is part of the fundamental DNA of IntegraLynx – processes are initiated based on time schedule, event occurrence, or via chain-linking to other processes.

Entity Management

An ‘Entity’ is a noun (i.e a person, place, or thing).

The IntegraLynx Entity Management Framework allows users to store/update data for a multitude of entity types and to manage links between various entities. such as:

  • Companies
  • Funds
  • Assets
  • Clients
  • Policies
  • Products
  • Bank Accounts
  • etc

Data change in relation to entities is fully permissioned (e.g four eyes checks) and a comprehensive Change Audit Log is kept of every adjustment.

User Access Management (UAM)

The entire IntegraLynx framework is user permissioned – every menu item, screen, and function has an associated permission.

Admin-users can configure bespoke user groups and assign users accordingly. User sign-on integrates with network LDAP to avoid password duplication.

In addition to this every user action and data change is monitored and recorded to provide complete and comprehensive system and processing audit.