Réitigh ("Ray-tig") | To Solve

Our name Réitigh is an Irish verb meaning to solve, elucidate, arrange, or put in order.

This name reflects how we work daily with our clients to solve data challenges, by elucidating complex processes, breaking them down into simple units of work, and arranging them in order to deliver automated processing at scale - Translating complexity into opportunity


The SOLUTION is at the heart of everything we do.

Réitigh’s relentless determination to solve puts us at the very centre of every challenge. Combining our rigorous spirit of ingenuity with our actuarial heritage and unparalleled understanding of technology, we are the link between complex information and limitless opportunities.

The engine at work, solving, creating order, and translating complexity into opportunity - we enable leading global financial services organisations to accelerate decision making with the highest standards of security and control.
We are guided by our unique CLEAR values, delivering solutions that exceed our clients’ evolving needs, and constantly innovating to keep them ahead of the relentless pace of change in the financial services industry.


Collaborate Openly

We work openly and transparently with our partners.


Learn & Adapt

We continuously develop our expertise, adapting to new market conditions, always keeping ahead of regulation, legislation, and security and tech advancements.


Elucidate & Solve

We create clarity and defuse ambiguity, simplifying and solving the most complex challenges better and faster.


Always Secure

We have built a safe, resilient environment and are committed to operating under the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity, and responsibility.


Results Oriented

We are rigorous in our pursuit of the optimum result. Our work improves performance, agility, speed, and the effectiveness of entire organisations.

Our Team

Combining our rigorous spirit of ingenuity with our heritage in actuarial science, software engineering and consulting, we translate between business and IT to deliver solutions for leading local and global financial services organisations.


Brian Walsh


Brian followed up an undergraduate degree in actuarial science with a masters degree in software engineering. He has spent over a decade developing enterprise software in the life insurance and investment funds space. He has worked with a multitude of blue-chip organisations, developing highly complex interfaces between systems. Brian, a certified Microsoft Software Professional, is an expert software developer and ensures he uses the latest and most efficient technologies in his designs.


Darragh Pelly


Darragh is a qualified actuary with a degree in actuarial science from Dublin City University. Having spent more than 15 years implementing back-office solutions across the financial services industry he has a deep understanding of administration systems, operating models, and the data challenges faced by various organisations.  Darragh has used these insights to drive the strategic direction of Reitigh's solutions and how they are designed and deployed.


Mark Sexton


Mark graduated with a degree in Actuarial Science and is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries Ireland. He has extensive experience implementing software for insurers and financial services as both a vendor and a client, and brings that perspective to Reitigh's implementation approach. In Reitigh, Mark looks after our software implementation teams and makes sure that information security and industry best practice is at the forefront of Reitigh's work with our clients.

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