IntegraLynx is a Low-Code framework which empowers business users to take control of their data orchestration. 

Integrating - internal/external systems and data sources together. 

Linking - data from source to destination in an automated process flow.

Delivering automation at scale via Straight-Through-Processing ("STP"), IntegraLynx liberates Ops Teams from manual mundane tasks, reducing operational and regulatory risk.


Be it the insurance, investment funds, or banking sector - every Ops Team has the same 3 challenges:


The data they need comes from multiple places, in multiple ways, and multiple formats - even when it is the same data. 


Business and regulatory requirements keep changing - faster than core systems can be upgraded.


Administration processes are manual and tedious - business users know how to make them better, but the only tool available is MS Excel.

The Reitigh solution to these challenges is IntegraLynx

Not All Automation Is Created Equal

The IntegraLynx framework was conceived to enable non-technical Business Users to develop automated (STP) processes to control how data flows through their organisation  


RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is an approach to automation whereby robots are used to automate existing manual processes. This approach works really well for things like filling forms, or running small programs. However, there are limitations to RPA. For example, if you have an existing excel-based process that is not fit for purpose (i.e unsecure, not scalable, not robust), then spending money and time configuring a robot to run it is of limited benefit.

The IntegraLynx framework delivers automation via STP (Straight Through Processing). STP is an approach to automating data processing whereby automation is embedded in systems and processes from their core. Systems communicate automatically with each other without the need for manual intermediary steps. For complex processes that move lots of data from one step to the next STP is far superior to RPA in terms of speed, scale, and security.

An Elemental Approach To Automation

The first step in designing the IntegraLynx framework was to analyse BAU processes across the financial services sector. Having spent multiple decades working with back-office teams (Business and IT Users) in financial services organisations we took a step back and reviewed the entire landscape of every process, core system, and 'work-around' we had encountered - in an effort to find processing commonality.

We soon came to see that every process and system could be defined by 7 Fundamental Functions.   

IntegraLynx – 7 functions

We then analysed each function to determine a universe of common elements - ultimately identifying "The Periodic Table of Enterprise Processing"


In the same way a chemist could join ELEMENTS together to create a COMPOUND - IntegraLynx enables Business Users to join STEPS to make a PROCESS.


A Low-Code interface facilitates easy definition of each STEP. Users can then simply drag-and-drop STEPS into a visio-style flow diagram to create a PROCESS

A workflow manager then links PROCESSES together to deliver an automated SOLUTION - Straight Through Processing.


Risk-free Implementation

Our Agile 5-STEP Buyer's Journey

STEP 1 - Meet for a chat

The new way of work post-covid means that it is easier than ever to meet for a chat over Zoom / Teams / Webex - you choose.

STEP 2 - Demo

Provide some sample data and Reitigh will deliver an IntegraLynx demo tailored specifically for you.

STEP 3 - Proof-of-Value

Provide some more data and Reitigh will demonstrate an end-to-end workflow over a series of show-&-tell sessions.
Enabling you to 'try before you buy'.

STEP 4 - Implement

Our expert team will have you up and running in a matter of weeks.

STEP 5 - Iterate

Move on to the next challenge.
Empowered with IntegraLynx your team can move on to automate their next challenge.

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