The IntegraLynx | SERVICES HUB is a data management framework which empowers enterprises to take control of their data orchestration. 

A Low-Code interface uniquely enables agile collaboration between IT and Ops Teams to automate and manage how their data flows through their organisation. 

IntegraLynx facilitates a transition from traditional silo-based processing model to a centralised hub-and-spoke model to data management. Removing manual data processing, increasing transparency, and reducing operational risk.


IntegraLynx - An Integrated Approach to Data Management

Traditional Approach


Financial services companies are generally well established enterprises with a history that spans decades - or centuries in some cases. 

Over time they have accumulated a multitude of systems and operating models (a.k.a 'technical debt'). Traditionally data is processed in silos - even where there is a significant overlap in data used by different business functions. 

In recent times there has been a massive uptick in the pace of change within these organisations - and the siloed approach to processing has meant reacting to new requirements is slow, painful, and risky. 

Integrated Approach


IntegraLynx facilitates an integrated (hub-and-spoke model) approach to data management - enabling enterprises to unburden themselves from legacy technical debt which has accumulated over time.

The Low-Code nature of the framework empowers both technical and non-technical users to develop automated data processes. This is a game-changer in terms of how enterprises react to changes in their business requirements.

Now IT and Ops Teams can work collaboratively to automate existing manual processes - and to implement new processes with an agile and automated mindset from Day 1. 

Centralised Communications

The Reitigh client base spans the Insurance, Banking, and Investment Funds sectors. One might think that all of these organisations have very different challenges and business requirements - but this is not so. The Ops Teams we work with daily all face the same x3 Challenges:  


The data they need comes from multiple places, in multiple ways, and multiple formats - even when it is the same data. 


Business and regulatory requirements keep changing - faster than core systems can be upgraded.


Administration processes are manual and tedious - business users know how to make them better, but the only tool available is MS Excel.

The IntegraLynx | SERVICES HUB enables IT and Ops Teams to work together to develop and maintain a centralised communications hub - allowing them to easily automate integration with various internal/external services/utilities.

In comparison to a siloed approach whereby users move data from system A to system B and system C independently, centralising communications between systems improves the efficiency of the entire organisation and brings transparency and clarity to complex related processes.



“Digital Transformation” is one of the key strategic priorities for every single financial services company – “We want to engage and service our clients and customers better, in order to stimulate growth and improve retention!”.

On the face of it this seems simple – one just has to leverage the internet to allow customers and sales agents to: (1) Request/View information, (2) Perform actions.

This will enable the company to reduce administration costs in the client services department and additionally to provide a more interactive experience for customers and sales agents.

However, upon further investigation every company finds that “Information” and “Actions” translate to “Data” – and their data resides in multiple back-office legacy administration systems. The business requirement now becomes a more complex ask, i.e “update all of our back-office systems to enable them to communicate with a new front-end platform”. This would involve multiple systems upgrades and interaction with many internal and external stakeholders (as many systems will be developed by external vendors). As a result, this is invasive, expensive, and risky – hence why so many companies struggle to successfully complete a Digital Transformation Project.

Our client (one of the largest Life Insurance companies in Ireland) came to Reitigh to solve this problem. We worked together with their IT and Ops Teams to implement the solution below. After only 12-weeks they were positioned to have friendly brokers log in to a live environment to see their commission statements and client accounts.


4 Million

Records Moved Daily


Steps Configured


Processes Chain-Linked 


Data Sources


Weeks to Implement


IntegraLynx consumes data from four sources:

(i) Admin System #1. Every night a batch process is run and this produces a ‘flag file’. IntegraLynx monitors the environment and once the flag file is produced it pulls data from the SQL database (via a database link).

(ii) Admin System #2. This is similar to (i) - except the underlying database technology is Oracle.

(iii) Admin System #3. IntegraLynx consumes data from a number of .txt files produced by an overnight batch run.

(iv) Admin System #4. This system contains information on commissions paid to sales agents. Based on a specified time schedule IntegraLynx consumes .csv files and related .pdf invoices.


IntegraLynx validates and cleanses data consumed.

Validations: Including mandatory fields, value ranges, string formats (via regex), foreign keys, completeness checks, referential checks.

Cleansing: Where data is missing or incomplete default values are used to replace source data so that processing can continue.

Notifications: Ops Teams are notified of hard errors, and where data has been overwritten with default values.


Data must be moved from source to Salesforce (via API) in 60mins. This time window is too short to load a full refresh of all of the data from all of the source systems to Salesforce. As such IntegraLynx cryptographically hashes each day's dataset - then compares today's dataset to yesterday's to determine new/updated/removed records.

Effectively determining all changes across the universe of source systems (over 4 million records). 


IntegraLynx must perform multiple transformations on the datasets consumed from source systems.

Single Client View: Clients may have policies in multiple source systems. These must be linked together to give a single client view of all of their policies.

Object Restructure: Data is collected from 46 objects in the source systems. This data must be transformed into 14 different objects for upload to Salesforce.


IntegraLynx delivers data to Salesforce via an API call.

Using IntegraLynx our client has effectively turned a non-API legacy ecosystem into an API-enabled ecosystem.


Risk-free Implementation

Our Agile 5-STEP Buyer's Journey

STEP 1 - Meet for a chat

The new way of work post-covid means that it is easier than ever to meet for a chat over Zoom / Teams / Webex - you choose.

STEP 2 - Demo

Provide some sample data and Reitigh will deliver an IntegraLynx demo tailored specifically for you.

STEP 3 - Proof-of-Value

Provide some more data and Reitigh will demonstrate an end-to-end workflow over a series of show-&-tell sessions.
Enabling you to 'try before you buy'.

STEP 4 - Implement

Our expert team will have you up and running in a matter of weeks.

STEP 5 - Iterate

Move on to the next challenge.
Empowered with IntegraLynx your team can move on to automate their next challenge.


IntegraLynx is our purpose-built platform designed to solve complex challenges, accelerating decisions and defusing ambiguity to transform legacy systems and empower the automation of processes across financial services.

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