The IntegraLynx | Sustainability Reporting Engine is engineered to tackle the unique obstacles faced by insurers, funds, and banks complying with a wide variety of sustainability reporting requirements, including CSRD, TCFD, and ISSB. By focusing exclusively on financial services, IntegraLynx provides a more nuanced and effective approach to compliance, addressing the specific complexities and challenges that affect financial services companies.

Solving data challenges is at the heart of achieving compliance. IntegraLynx provides a comprehensive, automated solution tailored for insurers, funds, and banks, managing the intricate demands of sustainability reporting as well as the governance and auditability of the data backing it.


Reitigh’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions to the financial services sector is unwavering. With IntegraLynx, we not only offer a solution but a partnership. Our team of industry domain experts, combined with our flexible software, positions us uniquely to support financial institutions in navigating the complexities of sustainability reporting compliance.


Proprietary Questionnaire Software

IntegraLynx produces questionnaires for counterparties that do not publish ESG information. This includes strong validation around the answers provided by counterparties to ensure data consistency. There are automatic reminders and escalations where IntegraLynx tracks which counterparties have responded.


Unstructured Document Analysis

By leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs), IntegraLynx analyses internal policies and procedures to extract and format required disclosures under ESRS, highlighting inconsistencies and facilitating a swift remediation process.


End-to-End Integration

Reitigh have established direct links to gather ESG data from a wide variety of market participants and data providers. IntegraLynx then combines this with data from investment and CRM/Underwriting systems to calculate a look-through view of ESG data from both a supply chain and customer perspective. 


Get more information by downloading our CSRD Brochure here.


IntegraLynx Features

Data Collection

IntegraLynx’s built-in workflow manager automates data collection and follow-on processing swiftly. A user-friendly drag-and-drop interface enables business users to import/validate/enrich input data from any file format (including unstructured data in word files and PDFs).

Parsing Unstructured Data

A lot of sustainability reporting requires extracting and summarising data contained in unstructured text documents. These include disclosures from counterparties, as well as internal policies and procedures. IntegraLynx uses large language models to automatically extract this information and prepare it for human review. It will also highlight inconsistencies across sources, and create a workflow for remediation.


An easy-to-use template builder allows for any customisation required through a simple user interface. Business users can add and alter company logos and colour branding as required. Ensuring Sustainability Disclosures are consistent with other annual communications provided to clients.

Entity Data Management

Sustainability reporting requires information on a number of entities, including investors, investments, internal investment vehicles, and external service providers. IntegraLynx allows business users to easily extend the out-of-box data model to store additional data bespoke to their organisation/products, and to combine data from internal CRM/Underwriting/Investment systems with data on third parties.

Security & Audit

A roles-based User Access Management (UAM) framework allows for targeted system lockdown. Data change is permissioned and subject to a four-eyes checks. All system processing is recorded in an extensive event log. As sustainability reporting becomes a bigger part of audited company disclosures, similar audit requirements to data lineage from financial disclosures will apply.

Deploy Anywhere

IntegraLynx is a web-based application, built using standard Microsoft technology. It can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, in Reitigh's SaaS environment.


IntegraLynx is our purpose-built platform designed to solve complex challenges, accelerating decisions and defusing ambiguity to transform legacy systems and empower the automation of processes across financial services.

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