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The IntegraLynx | IFRS17 DataHub is our solution for a frictionless insurer response to the processing challenges created by the replacement of IFRS 4 with IFRS 17.


IFRS 17 presents a major logistical challenge to insurers - requiring data to be collected, collated, and communicated between multiple core financial systems.

IntegraLynx seamlessly integrates with existing admin systems, actuarial modelling systems, and financial reporting systems to fill in the gaps as required - for example, managing cohort aggregation, and data transformations. Enabling your business adapt at pace and scale.


All of your data together in one place


Automated data processing


Ensure related datasets reconcile


IntegraLynx Features

Systems Integration

IntegraLynx’s agility in data processing is unparalleled.
The user-friendly workflow wizard enables business users to manage extensive data collection and processing required for IFRS 17. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to import raw data from any file format or database technology.

Data Transformation

Data delivered by System A is rarely in the format required by System B .
IntegraLynx allows business users to significantly enhance and completely augment data as required - while also maintaining data lineage for traceability.

Data Reconciliation

IFRS17 reporting requires input from multiple business functions. Many of these datasets are inherently linked. Failure to reconcile datasets as they are collected will ultimately lead to needless hours spent trying to figure why related disclosures are inconsistent.

Cohort Management

Most Policy Admin systems were developed long before 'IFRS 17 Cohorts' were ever conceived - leaving cohort management as a large gap to fill.
IntegraLynx enables insurers to layer cohort management on top of data collected from existing admin systems - no need for expensive upgrades.

Intelligent Automation

IntegraLynx enables business users to automatically collect and communicate data between systems using a multitude of methods - including polling, time-based schedules, event based triggers, and API calls.


IntegraLynx is our purpose-built platform designed to solve complex challenges, accelerating decisions and defusing ambiguity to transform legacy systems and empower the automation of processes across financial services.

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