IntegraLynx solves constraints surrounding the difficult and daunting decision to replace and uproot legacy administration systems, processes and procedures deeply embedded by integrating with your current system.


Deployed around your legacy system, IntegraLynx both enables your current processing and empowers your business with the modern technology to solve challenges and bring order to vast quantities of data.








Product features

Data Integration ZZ

IntegraLynx can access data from any format, with specialist functions to read both structured and unstructured formats. The functionally-rich drag and drop interface allows users to build data transformation rules intuitively, while our file watcher, schedulers, and trigger-based technology means processing can be automated efficiently. Each step of your data’s journey is tracked and recorded, making for straightforward auditing and the maintenance of your data’s lineage to assist with GDPR compliance. IntegraLynx can also be integrated into any database, including SQL and Oracle relational databases, Big Data solutions, and distributed ledger technology.


IntegraLynx’s flexible and powerful calculation engine is deployed to fill the gaps in the functionality of legacy systems. This can be used for processes including and not limited to:
· Policy Level Costs & Charges
· Annual Fund Charges
· Dividend Returns
· Reinsurance Calculations
· Fund Performance Scenarios
· Policyholder Tax Calculations
· Fund Pricing
· Premium Reserve Calculations

Outputs and Reporting

IntegraLynx brings the benefits of a modern reporting system to your legacy system’s workflow. View your data in our extensive reporting suite, tailored to display the data you need. Create your own format-rich reporting, automated by IntegraLynx to build your full policyholder documentation. Monitor your processes with IntegraLynx’s in-built audit reporting, and facilitate your system dashboards and find out how your efficiently your functions are operating.

Entity Data Management

Regain control of your data with IntegraLynx’s entity data management approach, allowing businesses to easily store static data relating to entities, and define links between related entities, as a single data point may be relevant to multiple disclosures. IntegraLynx allows users to store data once, but disclose it multiple times, as a single source of truth removes data inconsistences and related reconciliations and investigations. This allows your business to define and maintain your data in ways that older systems cannot facilitate.


IntegraLynx is our purpose-built platform designed to solve complex challenges, accelerating decisions and defusing ambiguity to transform legacy systems and empower the automation of processes across financial services.

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