IntegraLynx brings together disparate data to create clarity in trade reporting for your business.


As data management problems, MiFIR, EMIR, and SFTR require firms to bring together a multitude of data sources where similar items are differentially named, located, and formatted. For EMIR and SFTR firms are also required to reconcile data submitted to trade repositories by the trading counterparty. Our solution automates data collection into a unified model from which reporting flows seamlessly to your relevant National Competent Authority (NCA) or Trade Repository.








Product features


Trade reporting under MiFIR, EMIR, and SFTR require inputs from a variety of trading systems, and the details of the associated collateral provided. IntegraLynx reads data in its native format without requiring manipulation or transformation, accelerating implementation. SFTR also requires generation of Unique Trade Identifiers (UTIs) which IntegraLynx generates and transmits to counterparties. For post-submission reconciliation and oversight under EMIR and SFTR, IntegraLynx reads files from Trade Repositories, while for pre-submission reconciliation IntegraLynx reads inputs directly from counterparties.


IntegraLynx’s built-in workflow wizard adeptly manages the extensive data collection and processing required for IFRS 17, with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface allowing users to import raw data from any file format, while users can easily store documents against entities within the database for seamless auditing. IntegraLynx submits the .xml disclosures to regulator portals electronically via API.


The IntegraLynx drill-down reporting suite allows users to review the datasets created, reconcile them with previous datasets, and create .xlsx versions of submissions which have be internally validated against related .xsd schema, including exception reporting for all rule breaches, for easy review and sign-off.

Entity Data Management

MiFIR, EMIR, and SFTR disclosures require a significant amount of referential information. IntegraLynx allows businesses to easily store static data relating to entities and to define links between related entities, as a single data point may be relevant to multiple disclosures. IntegraLynx allows users to store data once, but disclose it multiple times, as a single source of truth removes data inconsistences and related reconciliations and investigations.


IntegraLynx is our purpose-built platform designed to solve complex challenges, accelerating decisions and defusing ambiguity to transform legacy systems and empower the automation of processes across financial services.

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